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Keep up to date with the latest Deckhand Marine news from the United Kingdom. Learn how to remove stubborn hull grime with our award winning Chine Shine products.


How to clean a GRP hull


However well you polish a GRP (Glass re-enforced plastic) boat after a few years it will start to show signs of algae and/or tannic acid stains. This usually goes unnoticed until one day your once pristine white hull and topsides have turned a browner shade of cream. This problem is unavoidable in salt, brackish and fresh water. These stains are usually dealt with by fiddly expensive spot treatment chemicals or by “cutting” the gelcoat to reveal its original shade of white.



There is now a simple solution, “Chine Shine” from Deckhand Marine.  This product offers unparalleled ease of use, value and performance compared to anything else on the market. Available in 2,5, or even 25 litre containers. Highly acclaimed, Chine Shine has recently been “tried and tested” by MOTOR BOAT & YACHTING magazine receiving 5 stars all round and was awarded product of the month.  Chine Shine consists of a smooth gel that can be brushed  quickly over large areas of effected  GRP, a mild chemical reaction neutralises the stain rather than stripping the gelcoat. Within minutes, often seconds staining disappears without any scrubbing leaving the treated area boasting its original shade of glossy white.  In most cases it’s used as an all over GRP “refresher” instead of a compound rub saving you time, money and most importantly your gelcoat. Chine Shine is also bio-degradable and contains only naturally derived ingredients.

How To Use…

Apply a thin layer of Chine Shine to the effected area with a clean antifoul paint roller or paintbrush

Leave the product to work. Within seconds the treated area begins to lighten, after approx 5 Min’s staining has been removed.

Rinse with fresh water, its that simple!…  A glaze or protective wax can also then be used to prolong results.


Chine Shine Review

Review of Chine Shine from Deckhand Marine has been voted Product of the month by Motor Boat and Yachting (MBY) magazine.
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