Frequently asked questions:

Q: Does it Take the surface layer off the gelcoat to get rid of staining?
A: No, the active ingredients in Chine Shine only remove the stain Not the gelcoat, revealing the true shade of white underneath without bleaching.

Q: Do I need to rub it in or scrub it off?

A: Chine Shine requires very little elbow grease to use!, a thin layer is brushed onto the hull, left to do its job, then hosed off with water.

Q: Will it correct the discoloration of my gelcoat caused by paint stripping products such as “Interstrip” or “dilunett”?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use it on my topsides too?
A: Yes! Chine shine can be used in the same way on any fibreglass or painted surface.

Q: How long will a container last?
A: As Chine Shine is a smooth gel it can be applied thinly over large areas ( flat, vertical and overhead) with very little waste. A two litre container can last for seasons!!

Q: Can it be used on my jetski, fibreglass windsurfing board, catamaran, rib or painted steel boat?
A: Yes.

Q: My boat is new with no visible stains so what would it do for me?
A: We highly recommend chine shine for any new vessel that’s been left afloat in salt, brackish or fresh water or thats launched by trailer/slipway then recovered. Slight discoloration over a large area usually goes unnoticed. By treating a small area of the hull any staining quickly becomes apparent as chine shine restores the gelcoat to its original shade of white.

Q: Will it damage Glass, metal work, plastic and rubber
A: No, it is 100% safe for surfaces.